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Please fill your details directly onto the form below.  When you have filled in all your details please hit submit.

Please note that you will need to scroll down on the form in order to fill in all the correct details and to submit your application.

Please fill in one application for each player being registered.  Once you have submitted a form please refresh the webpage in order to reload the Registration form.

Please take care when entering the date of birth.  On some devises (mainly I-Phones) the entry option for DOB is in the American date format (mm/dd/yyyy).  This appears to be due to the server your phone is using to get onto the internet.  Please make sure to enter your details as asked and we can make the necessary changes at our end if needed.

**It appears that some users on mobile phones are having difficulties using the embedded form below.  If you experience difficulties please follow this direct link below to the form.  If you continue to experience difficulties please contact a club official on the contact page and we will get back to asap.

WLW Pyramid 1.jpg


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to register with the West Lothian Wolves Basketball Club.

The club uses direct debit payments in order to collect your monthly subs.  You will need to fill in the club's direct debit mandate in order to set up your individual payments, you can do this by clicking the button below.  

You will need to complete a direct debit mandate for each individual person.  You will notice that we have now included the option for a family discount.  If you have more than one family member registered to play in the club please register the oldest player at the full price for their correct age group, then each player after that will have a 50% discount on their monthly subscription.

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a Direct Debit set up for your club fees you do not need to fill in another one for the coming season.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact Stephen McCall (Club Treasurer).

Please follow the link below to the club's direct debit mandate form and fill this in.

​​The Tariff for Subscriptions and Registrations for this Season will be:

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