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West Lothian Wolves Primary School Basketball League Playoff Finals

Congratulations to our overall Primary School Basketball League Champions, Livingston Village Jazz!

Gold Playoffs

1st - Livingston Village Jazz

2nd - St Ninians Mavericks

3rd - Linlithgow Bucks

4th - Williamston A Nets

5th - St Nicholas Grizzlies

6th - Williamston B Hawks

7th - Peel Suns

8th - Simpson Celtics

Silver Playoffs

1st - Blackridge A Hornets

2nd - Parkhead A Thunder

3rd - Parkhead B Warriors

4th - Bankton Raptors

5th - Southdale A 76ers

6th - Calderwood A Knicks

7th - Blackridge B Pacers

8th - Southdale B Spurs

All Star 5

Bailey - Southdale A 76ers

Lloyd - St Ninians Mavericks

Aiden - St Ninians Mavericks

Jarrad - Livingston Bucks

Lovisa - St Nicholas Grizzlies


Lovisa Rova - St Nicholas Grizzlies

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