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West Lothian Wolves U10 National Invitational 2019

The Wolves returned to Deans CHS on Sunday 19th May 2019 to host their 2nd Annual Under 10s National Invitational Tournament.

The Tournament, which is the leading U10s Tournament in the country, has 9 Boys Teams and 5 Girls Teams in attendance from all ends of Scotland.

The Boys Teams were split into 3 Groups of 3 Teams where each team played everyone twice. The Winners of each group qualified for the Gold Group in the Afternoon with the 2nds going into the Silver Group and the 3rd heading to the Bronze Group.

Boys A: Dundee Madsons, North Lanarkshire Chiefs, West Lothian Wolves

Boys B: Ayr Storm, Beacon, Falkirk Fury

Boys C: Boroughmuir Blaze, Dunfermline Reign, Inverness City Lions

Gold Group:

Falkirk Fury 26-15 Boroughmuir Blaze

West Lothian Wolves 36-23 Falkirk Fury

West Lothian Wolves 38-20 Boroughmuir Blaze

1st - West Lothian Wolves

2nd - Falkirk Fury

3rd - Boroughmuir Blaze

Silver Group:

Dundee Madsons 12-15 Beacon

Dundee Madsons 17-16 Inverness City Lions

Beacon 26-14 Inverness City Lions

4th - Beacon

5th - Dundee Madsons

6th - Inverness City Lions

Bronze Group:

North Lanarkshire Chiefs 15-17 Dunfermline Reign

Ayr Storm 24-26 Dunfermline Reign

North Lanarkshire Chiefs 22-11 Ayr Storm

7th - Dunfermline Reign

8th - North Lanarkshire Chiefs

9th - Ayr Storm

The Girls Teams played a 5 Team Round Robin with everyone playing once. The team would finished 1st qualified for the Final with 2nd v 5th and 3rd v 4th for a chance to join them

Qualification Games:

Boroughmuir Blaze 17-11 Highland Bears

Inverness City Lions 28-17 Beacon

Boroughmuir Blaze 18-25 Inverness City Lions


West Lothian Wolves 22-10 Inverness City Lions

All Star 5:

Harris Rennie (Dunfermline Reign)

Enya Turlaja (Beacon)

Hamish Eason (Dundee Madsons)

Kayla Douglas (West Lothian Wolves)

Taylan Ertikan (Falkirk Fury)


Hamish Eason (Dundee Madsons)

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